Smart, easy and time-saving solutions

At Kominox we strive to stock all the necessary components for your stainless steel handrail systems.

We believe that 42.4 mm diameter round tubes and 40×40 mm square tubes are the best choice for handrails. Therefore most of our fittings in stock are designed to fit these two sizes. Other dimensions are available from production.

The parts can be fitted together without welding; this makes installation easy, fast, cheap and fun. Almost a DIY banister. Stainless steel handrail systems are very strong, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, easily cleanable and fully recyclable. Fittings, glass clamps, end caps, supports and other stainless steel parts mostly come in a satin (grinded) finish.

We recommend using stainless steel material AISI 304 for indoor use. For outdoor applications please consider stainless steel material AISI 316. For both systems we can guarantee the quality is second to none.

All stainless steel parts (fittings, glass clamps, supports, etc.) can be delivered to you or can be collected from our warehouse in Tallinn or Fredrikstad (Norwegian customers only). Please approach our sales team to get competitive prices for all the components of the stainless steel handrail system – be it tubes (some prefer the term “pipes”) or assembly parts.

Kominox have been successfully selling this line of stainless steel handrail systems since 2005. We encourage you to try our products and experience the quality and our efficient delivery service.