Stainless steel is an absolutely fantastic material: beautiful, indestructible, shiny and strong. I have worked with both regular steel and many other different types of metal for nearly thirty years, but I have never felt such passion for another material as I do for stainless steel.

It is the unique combination of durability and beauty that makes stainless steel usable in a whole range of different situations. I often think to myself, “you could do this with stainless steel – just imagine how much better it would be”, or “Why did’t they use stainless steel? They would have saved themselves so much bother in the long run”. Stainless steel is the future; it represents a world of opportunities and bold solutions. – Anders Nilson, CEO

Our story

Anders Nilson, as an experienced steel industry executive recognised that the heavy investment in Asian mills had resulted in an extremely high quality of stainless steel being produced, particularly in Taiwan. As a result he foresaw the high export potential for this material in the European market. Anders backed his vision by creating a highly professional, service oriented trading company to fulfill these market needs throughout Northern and Eastern Europe.

At the turn of the millennium, Kominox (Kom from the Swedish word for comet and Inox from the Spanish word for stainless) was officially launched. From the outset, the objective was to establish long term supply agreements with world class producers in Asia and seek clients who needed high quality products allied to class leading service. The progress to date has been impressive with year on year market expansion and the maintenance of long term client relationships.

Key milestones

  • 2001 – Kominox launched in Sweden
  • 2002 – Exclusive distribution agreement with YC Inox
  • 2004 – Opened stock in Tallinn
  • 2005 – Estonian subsidiary established
  • 2007 – Norwegian division established
  • 2010 – Finland distribution partnership established
  • 2010 – Kominox AAA credit rating attained
  • 2013 – Fastest growing company in Estonia; Äripaev Award
  • 2013 – Started direct sales to Latvia
  • 2013 – Restructure and expansion of the Baltics team
  • 2014 – Baltics market leader
  • 2015 – Launch of fittings for all markets